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Is there a deadline to submit an abstract?

No! We will evaluate and accept abstracts on a rolling basis and will group speakers based on availability. To increase your chances of presenting in a certain month, please submit your abstract by the 15th of the previous month. For example, if you submit by November 15, you’re more likely to present in December.

How are talks selected?

All abstracts are evaluated by at least 2 members of our awesome group of volunteers, who review abstracts within their sub-disciplines. While we want to accommodate as many speakers as possible, we are limited by topics, talk length, etc. We may ask you to revise and resubmit for clarity. 

Do I have to pay for this?

Absolutely not. This is a FREE webinar series for all participants, whether you are presenting or attending. 

Will my talk be recorded?

Not without your permission. While we would prefer to record the webinars to allow those who may not be able to attend to view your talk later (within 48 hours), we also understand the sensitivity of making your work public. 

How long will my talk be?

JAWS talks come in three flavors (10, 20, or 30 minutes). Each session will contain one hour's worth of talks plus time for questions. You may choose the length of talk, but we ask that you respect the time limits and practice accordingly.

I'm a scientist in a chemistry-adjacent field, can I give a talk?

Chemistry is fundamental to many fields and we welcome anyone who identifies as a chemist to present their work! Please contact us if you are not sure!

Can I give a talk in any language?

All talks will be given in English. 

Can I submit my abstract in any language?

We have volunteers who are able to read abstracts in Spanish, Korean, French, Portuguese, and English. We will update this list as new volunteers join us! 

Why are there multiple times for presenting?

To make the seminars more accessible to people all over the world we have an alternating schedule for presentations. Seminars will alternate between a morning time and evening time every other week.  

Will there be subtitles?

We will use Zoom's built-in close-captioning. CC technology is not always accurate in a live setting, particularly for scientific terminology, so we will fix subtitles before uploading recorded presentations.

Why sharks?

Why not? But also, the acronym for Just Another Chemistry Seminar was already taken.

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